Boat Maintenance

As you may have read in the ‘Our History’ tab, our boat is a pile of wooden planks glued together. This means we need to look after her. Each year the whole club join together to give our skiff some TLC. This usually happens in the winter months and she is out of the water for around 3 weeks. It is a good opportunity for the members who were not involved in the boat build to learn about how she was made and the importance of yearly maintenance.

First she gets washed inside and out. Then we take out the fixtures and fittings so we can make sure we don’t miss any bits. Then the sanding begins. We all love sanding!

Once sanded we get to work with the paintbrushes. Many hands make light work. Then we add the finishing touches with the name and number

Then she’s ready for another year of social rowing and regattas. Isn’t she pretty.