Our History

Burghead Coastal Rowing Club was established in November 2013, with the aim of bringing traditional coastal rowing to the Moray area.  The club was formed as part of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project, which involves first building a boat in the community before using it to row recreationally and in competition. 

How It All Began

Caroline placed a piece in the local paper in July 2013, asking for interest in establishing Moray’s first coastal rowing club. A meeting was set up in Burghead for interested parties and from there the club was formed and the fundraising started.

In November 2013 the kit was purchased, the planks arrived and the task of building the boat was started.

Using moulds and clamps we started to stick the planks together using epoxy resin.
Many sessions later, after lots of drying time and sanding the planks are all in place and the keel band gets bolted on.

The boat gets turned and work starts on inside with the gunwales and seats plus lots more sanding!

She’s looking good with a coat or four of paint but still lots to do starting with the floor boards and footplates. Meanwhile her name was chosen…

Tarbh Uisge – Gaelic for water bull

She then made her journey from the build site in Duffus to her home at Burghead Harbour, which we were also building at the same time!

The moment of truth . . .

She floats!

Saturday 1st November 2014 – Launch Day!

Club members gathered at the harbour along with those involved with the build, the local community and fellow Skiffies.

She is piped down the slip way, blessed with whisky and welcomed to the water by fellow boats as is tradition.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the build pop down and see us at the harbour. We have a more detailed log book in our boat shed you are welcome to look through.